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Bar Fábrica Santa Catalina

Bar Fábrica Santa Catalina

Positioned in the vibrant area of Santa Catalina sits the sophisticated establishment of Bar Fábrica. The focus of the inspiring project was to create an authentic and warm environment, where guests would truly feel at home.

Interior Design

The new interior design was dedicated to a transformation that would create an alluring space that exuded a uniquely special charm. The materials selected are a tasteful palette of earthy colours, textures and furnishings, connecting the bar to its roots. The implementation of brown hues are comfortable and calming, having the resounding ability to work with the surrounding elements.

The result has been a traditional aesthetic, bringing class and finery to the modern interior design.

The application of wood panelling was a focal point of the project, adding warmth and character to the space. Its presence has given a naturality and richness to the bar, creating an authentic statement through the use of an extremely versatile material. Not only has the panelling created an exquisite aesthetic, but its implementation has also benefited the venue’s acoustics, allowing sound to enter and then dissipate within it.


The lamps that have been incorporated are original pieces, being handcrafted by local artisans in Mallorca. The use of local materials is a recurring theme of the interior design, with a dedicated approach to working with locally sourced and foraged materials. This has added a true authenticity to the space, where each element radiates a dedicated passion to specialised work. The glass used in the bar was also manufactured on the island, bringing an extra special touch to the interior design.

One of the most striking features of the new interior is the oversized lamp structure that is suspended from the ceiling and which has become a focus point of the bar. Not without challenges, the original and handmade piece was transported, delivered and fitted in one piece, integrating harmoniously into its new home.

Its unique appearance is a point of fascination and which breaks up the clean lines in the surrounding space.

Elegance & Design at Bar Fábrica Santa Catalina

The new interior design continues into the bathrooms, with complementing colour palettes and materials being incorporated. An array of delicate patterned tiles fills the walls, with light adding a touch of elegance to its design.

The bodega at Bar Fábrica, Santa Catalina takes centre stage in the establishment, positioned directly behind the establishment’s front windows, with an assortment of bottles being visible from the outside. This is a feature that is rarely seen in bars and which cleverly invites the public inside.

The result of the interior design has been the creation of an inviting space that exhibits a unique and exaggerated character. Bar Fábrica has transformed into an authentic and sophisticated setting that is truly captivating to the eye.


Bar Fábrica


Santa Catalina