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Can Salas

Can Salas

Can Salas was a property that the client immediately fell in love with, standing as a dream residence with endless potential. Its exquisite architecture and expansive space provided a blank canvas where there was an array of possibilities to meet the desires of the client.

Space & Light

With a yearning to enhance the property’s space, a host of interior design practices were implemented into the home. Darkness and weight dominated the existing space, guiding the project to instil spaciousness and light.

Through dropping the ceilings with an installation of lights, an indelible impression has been added to the space, giving an exclusive and exceptional ambience.

Wall lighting has been tastefully set in order to make the space glow, illuminating the rooms with warmth.

Can Salas – Dramatic & Elegant

Original pieces have been blended delicately with a host of Italian, French and Spanish furnishings, providing a unique aesthetic to the interior design. The integration of specially made pieces was a defining element of the project, where an exclusive collection has been created in a continuation throughout the home.

The beauty of the Can Salas is unearthed in its details, with the new interior design exhibiting an impeccable harmony. Door handles were carefully selected in aim of complementing the overall design, being the jewel of every room. Their form and finish has aided in the ambience of the room, serving as the finishing touch to the dramatic yet elegant interior design.

Intelligent engineering

Intelligent engineering is omnipresent throughout the house, with the integration of modern facilities and innovative designs. The air conditioning has been ingeniously implemented into the space, being invisible to the eye to allow the rooms to seamlessly blend. The kitchen boasts the most modern of appliances, with the addition of a BORA system. Boasting extraordinary extraction and minimalist style, its installation has effortlessly integrated into the modern design.

Unique Character at Can Salas

The staircase was carefully restored, paying special attention to its decoration in order to enhance the original structure. The project drew a focus on the importance of keeping some of the elements that belonged to the home to infuse Can Salas with a uniquely individual character.

A neutral colour palette was selected for the new interior design with the addition of warm accents, wood and stone.

In addition to bringing an ambience filled with warmth, the use of renewable materials has complemented the home with an environmentally conscious approach.

The project incorporated a full study, where highly detailed drawings were prepared for the client with descriptions of the materials that would be used. This was a vital part of the presentation for both the client and team, illustrating the future of the project from every aspect of design. Once the project was underway, there was a meticulous management and supervision of the construction and design to meet the satisfaction of the client. The success of Can Salas is the creation of a home where its specific drawings have become a reality.

The result of the project has been the transformation of a residence in a reform of classic and elegant style. The personality of the home has been enhanced with a considered selection of interior design that exudes exclusivity and character. Original elements have enriched Can Salas, with intricate details creating a truly unique home.


Ca'n Salas


Palma de Mallorca




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