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Casa Bendinat renovation

Casa Bendinat renovation

Situated on the south-west of Mallorca lies the beautiful home of Casa Bendinat. Perfectly blending traditional Mediterranean and modern aesthetics, the harmonious property is characterised by its choice of materials and elegant interior design.

Architectural Authenticity at Casa Bendinat

In order to preserve its architectural authenticity, light and space was a central focus of the project. Skylights have been incorporated to bring out new dimensions of the property, providing endless natural light and a real sense of openness in the home. Carefully assessed and designed, the skylights bring the vivid interior hues alive, with sunlight filling every corner of the home to create a warm and inviting environment.

Double and triple height rooms have been ingeniously implemented to add an air of luxuriousness to the home.

In addition to adding both depth and dimension, an ambient microclimate of space has been achieved, with the home being further flooded by openness and light. The use of double and triple heights in Casa Bendinat have made the limitations between the rooms disappear, through an original and unique architectural practice.


The use of wood panelling inside Casa Bendinat connects the house to its natural environment, giving a rich and authentic touch to the interior design. As well as providing warmth and texture, the earthy material contrast perfectly against its surrounding walls and polished floors. The look has been completed with the inclusion of a handful of beautifully curated plants, adding to the organic feel of the home.

Its doors seamlessly blend into the walls giving the room a spacious and streamlined quality.

A neutral colour palette has been chosen throughout the home, to cultivate serenity in a warm and spacious space where rooms flow seamlessly together. Bold colours have been tastefully included to break up the rooms with an added visual interest. Downstairs, the basement has been transformed into an elegant library that is illuminated by the overhead skylights.


Boasting intelligent engineering, technology has been thoughtfully chosen to create the most functional living experience, all at the touch of a button. The dynamism of the house continues throughout, with a double faced fireplace becoming the focal point of the living room, creating a haven for relaxation and warmth. The addition of a Boffi kitchen further complements the home, being of the finest Italian craftsmanship and a benchmark for excellence in interior design.

Casa Bendinat Luxury Outdoors

Outside a lush infinity pool has been integrated, blending exquisitely into the horizon. Featuring a flush system and massage jets, the pool has been customised with black edges to offer a deep and alluring aesthetic.

Typical Mallorcan stone walls are present on Casa Bendinat, retaining the authenticity of the property and its surrounding landscapes. A team of local artisans were chosen to undertake the task, performing a specialised technique iconic to the island’s history. Outside, wood complements the building with sliding shutters allowing for optimal sun protection and privacy. The result is exquisitely beautiful, with the property perfecting the ideal balance between tradition and modernity.

Casa Bendinat is a truly unique place to relax and unwind, designed by and for lovers of modern yet authentic Mallorcan homes.

Casa Bendinat now is a fantastic contemporary and natural residence, exuding sophistication and authenticity. Lighting was a strand of interior design that was focused on to achieve an exquisite perception to the home. Furthermore, the property’s expansive space was meticulously assessed so that the house would blend seamlessly into its surroundings.


Casa Bendinat


Bendinat, Mallorca




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