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New interior design for Casa Cristal

New interior design for Casa Cristal

The stunning home of Casa Cristal in Costa den Blanes was a dream to work with, given the property’s ample space and spectacular panoramas. The villa was expertly designed by an ingenious architect, allowing the team to instil their efforts into the new interior design. Here, the project was dedicated to the creation of a luxurious space that was both modern and permeated with style.

The sofa

In the living room, a considered choice of textures, colours and spacing was incorporated, to enhance the beauty of the home. A statement piece was specially made for the space, making a compelling addition to the new interior design. Produced in Barcelona with specialised equipment, a curved leather sofa was handcrafted for the room. The original and iconic piece has added an exquisite charm and comfort, where a sweeping silhouette is accentuated in a sophisticated and timeless appeal.

The curved sofa has brought soft lines and organic shapes into the modern interior design, personalising the living room with an elegant and inviting ambience. Its presence has also eliminated the need for unnecessary and extravagant décor, existing as the perfect blend of function and form. This was a truly satisfying addition to the home, where logistic challenges were overcome to transport the sofa into Casa Cristal.

Innovation, design and comfort has characterised the piece, where its surrounding straight edged chairs perfectly complement the space.

Its unconventional shape required the interior design to be creative when positioning the piece in the room. The arrangement of surrounding furnishings in a circular grouping has taken advantage of the sofa’s seductive curves, allowing its inhabitants to soak up the omnipresent views.

Luxury & Style at Casa Cristal

Casa Cristal exudes style and luxuriousness, with a host of Italian furniture adding an exquisite finesse to the home. A minimalist, clean lined kitchen was designed, exhibiting a spectacularly classic aesthetic.

White was chosen as the dominating colour, adding a simple elegance where everything else seamlessly flowed.

In addition to building the bathrooms and balusters, a swimming pool was designed and installed in the villa. With Casa Cristal enjoying a privileged location only moments from the Mediterranean Sea, the project sought to blend the horizons into a new infinity pool. The result has been awe-inspiring, providing a unique vision without boundaries of the surrounding landscapes.

With the villa being flooded with an abundance of light, the new interior design desired to enhance the sensation of space. A neutral colour palette was chosen to command the floors, allowing light to reflect into every corner of the home. Accent hues has complemented each room, to achieve a sense of immaculate serenity.

The success of the project has been the creation of a truly luxurious home that is characterised by spaciousness and light. The new interior design of Casa Cristal has established a refined aesthetic, where its surrounding landscapes coexist in perfect harmony with the home.



Casa Cristal


Costa den Blanes, Mallorca