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Casa Son Verí

Casa Son Verí

The interior design project of Casa Son Verí was a real joy to work on, given the structure of the property and beautiful space that existed within the home. The vision was to create a contemporary, minimalist and luxury home with a design that maximised the existing space. The concept was translated by creating a sleek and functional design with a generous use of space and lighting.

Casa Son Verí – Space and light

Several interior design techniques were used to achieve a luxurious result. Here, lighting played a key role in creating the desired atmosphere and in adjusting the ambience of the interior spaces. A skylight was installed above the staircase, flooding the hallway with openness and light. Its implementation not only brought new life to the existing space, but also enhanced the elements found within it. The elegant spiral staircase radiates under its new light, with its delicate bannister synchronising perfectly with the marbled floors. The choice of lighting has enhanced the overall size of space, being an essential element of the interior design.

The atmosphere of the room has been altered drastically, transforming the home into a haven of tranquillity.

White was a recurring theme in the colour scheme, with a considered addition of neutral and warm tones. A careful choice of furnishings and paintings were selected for each room, adding warmth and depth to the different spaces. The placement and type of lighting that was used was an important aspect of the interior design that worked in conjunction with the availability of natural light, colour palette and the selection of furnishings. These elements came together in perfect harmony, transforming the home into a seamless combination of style and intimacy.


To bring further warmth to the living room, an opulent fireplace was installed. Its surrounding wall décor and furnishings have created a stunning focal point for the interior design. The inspiring colours and attractive combinations of textures come together with the fireplace to create a truly relaxed and inviting environment. The living room has been further enhanced with openness and light, with the implementation of ceiling lights that trace above the interior walls. Its introduction has given an effect of natural daylight, completing a luxurious interior design.

Accent lighting was also incorporated to highlight certain elements of the room at Casa Son Verí,
including enhancing the bookshelf and subtle artwork.

A level of consistency in the decorative elements can be found throughout the home, such as in the choice of furniture and colour contrasts. The selection of surfaces was intended to match the interior design in addition to being highly durable and easy to maintain. The success of the project has been the creation of a luxury home that boasts space whilst retaining its intimacy. The considered choice of lighting guided the project into the transformation of a truly beautiful home.


Casa Son Verí


Son Verí, Mallorca