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Castillo Hotel Son Vida

Castillo Hotel Son Vida

High above Palma, in the noble estate of Son Vida, sits Castillo Hotel Son Vida. The prestigious hotel is a true architectural dream, where subtropical parks and a championship golf course surround the opulent residence. The hotel is enriched with history and distinction, standing as a 13th century property that was built in characteristic Mallorcan style.

At Castillo Hotel Son Vida attention has been paid to ensure guests experience an authentic and historic glimpse of the castle’s treasured past, while still presenting the most modern of amenities. The project was dedicated to transform a range of spaces at the hotel, including the dining room of one its restaurants, as well as its conference room, hallway and spa.

The History of Castillo Hotel Son Vida

With the history of the hotel in mind, the new interior design of Es Castell restaurant was centred upon reflecting the residence’s grandeur in an exquisitely regal style. The project sought to create an exceptional dining room that would harmoniously entwine with its gastronomical offer and that showcased a beautiful interior design. Here, a multidisciplinary study of architecture, design, decoration and landscaping was undertaken in order to allow for the new space to coexist with the rest of the hotel.

New Furninshing & Redesign

A new carpet was laid to cover the floor, creating an instant feeling of warmth and comfort. In addition to its aesthetic properties, the new floor serves as an insulator of sound with its fabrics being unaffected by marks. Its beige and red tones offer a rich and refined style, where interior accents are enhanced. Its unusual patterns are eye catching and inviting, welcoming diners into the space.

The addition of a considered selection of furnishings completed the space, with the chairs being beautifully upholstered.

Their inclusion was a vital key in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere that was both visually appealing and full of character. Its composition of wood further enhances the interior design, giving finesse to its complementing fabrics.

When tasked with transforming the spa at Castillo Hotel Son Vida, there was a strong focus on bringing light and serenity to the existing space. Sky lights were installed to bring a sense of openness to its environment. The addition of a selection of lamps have provided a natural imitation of daylight, offering a rejuvenating quality to spa.

The hallway was infused with a simple interior design, giving an opportunity to work with materials and light. Rich wood dominates the surrounding walls, accentuating the warmth of the space. Its implementation has connected the room to the peace giving outdoors, exuding an organic aesthetic. The walls are also multifunctional, with an ability to move to offer a flexible layout. Above, a marbled cover provides shelter for the light, adding a touch of elegance to the interior design.

When redesigning the conference room, the use of the marbled covering for the lights was further explored. Beautifully complementing the existing space, its implementation has given a real sensation of daylight in the room. Its application has provided a classic stamp of décor that exudes wealth and sophistication.

G4deco created a spacious and luxurious interior that is both powerful and timeless

The project has paid homage to the grandeur of Castillo Hotel Son Vida, both artistically and historically. Its new interior design has augmented the residence, with guests being able to experience the highest level of luxuriousness where they can live as their own royalty at the castle.



Castillo Hotel Son Vida


Son Vida, Palma de Mallorca