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Co.co Restaurant

Co.co Restaurant

The project of Co.Co Restaurant was an extraordinary opportunity to work with an exquisitely beautiful building, simply breath-taking at first sight. Boasting expansive space and gloriously high ceilings, the new interior design was focused on enhancing the existing space.

Light & Space

Light and space was a focal point of the project, with the new interior design being dedicated to creating a bright and luminous environment. A neutral colour palette was chosen throughout the interior, which has been complemented by touches of pastel hues to evoke the feeling of tranquillity and comfort.

The building’s existing pipes were carefully maintained to add depth and authenticity to the establishment. Here, new materials have been integrated to coexist in perfect harmony with the structure, with the addition of an array of suspended lamps to add further warmth and light.

Co.co Restaurant Industrial Look

The cooking areas, fridges and bars are reflective of an industrial aesthetic, contrasting perfectly against the refined interior design. The interiors feature a selection of original and minimalistic furniture, including wooden and marbled tables that have been lined with elegant chairs. The result perfectly balances out the space, creating a spacious and sophisticated setting.

Thanks to its structural and distinctive texture, the ceiling features wooden beams that exquisitely highlight the interior space. Here, its rustic warmth and natural beauty gives special charm to the establishment. The addition of a selection of striking plants complete the aesthetic, adding an organic feel to the environment.

Light filled space that glowed with sophistication

Existing materials were delicately enhanced with the integration of understated yet impactful details and which blended perfectly to coexist within the space. If it’s true that we eat with our eyes, then it stands to reason that the design of Co.co Restaurant was a true success.



Co.Co Restaurant


Palma de Mallorca