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Hotel Cala D’Or

Hotel Cala D’Or

Hotel Cala D’Or is enriched with charm and intrigue, being the second oldest hotel in Mallorca. Its foundation is utterly fascinating, making the interior design project particularly extraordinary.

History of Hotel Cala D’Or

Picturesque and iconic, Cala d´Or lies on the south-east coast of Mallorca. Once an idyllic fishing village, the area became a popular spot for artists to settle during the 1930’s. At this time, Josep Costa Ferrer, a famous cartoonist and curator of art from Ibiza, decided to make the area his home. For the beauty of the landscapes, its beaches, coves and striking resemblance to his native island, Josep was inspired to buy a plot of land between Cala Gran beach and the harbour of Cala Llonga.

With dreams to build a summer camp, Josep created a holiday resort named Cala d’Or, with architecture that bared a marked comparison to Ibiza. White facades with flat roofs and buildings of small stature made him feel very much at home. Soon after, the first hotel was constructed, aptly named Hotel Cala d’Or. In 1935 the hotel was ready, equipped with nine rooms, cafeteria, restaurant, pool and almost private beach.

G4Deco & Hotel Cala D’Or

Hotel Cala d’Or has certainly evolved since then, standing as one of the most charming hotels on the island. The heirs of Miguel Nicolau, who acquired the hotel in the 1950’s, entrusted the team at G4Deco to carry out a respectful modernisation of the property. With their direction, the project has embodied the area’s heritage, with its roots, style and soul injected into the new interior design.

Tasked with transforming the reception areas, the interior design was focused upon creating a space that seeped in balance and tranquillity. Contemporary interiors were selected to evoke a comfortable and welcoming ambience without appearing cluttered or dark. The style was defined by simplicity and a delicate sophistication, where clean lines and soft shades were carefully chosen. The choice of materials for the space was key, allowing each element to shine and breathe.

White walls maintain a minimalist and modern aesthetic, creating a serene and peaceful environment.

Tropical hues enhance the interiors, adding an exotic passion to the space. Lush turquoise tones create a bold and vibrant style, adapting to the contemporary influences and ambience. The surrounding scenery sneaks through the large glass windows, creating a refuge where the colours of the Mediterranean blend perfectly into the dreamy interiors.

A focus point of the space is the elegant sofa which entwines around a statement piece created from the delicate trunks of a tree.

Carefully maintained, the wood is placed in its purest state, showing its beautifully irregular shapes. Its implementation has further enhanced the contemporary interiors, with decoration elements further enhancing the space.

The new interiors of Hotel Cala d’Or have proved to be a huge success, remaining loyal to its roots and maintaining an iconic and charming style. The interior design project stands as a testament to Josep Costa Ferrer, who dedicated his dreams to Cala d´Or and which live on to exist in his paradise.


Hotel Cala D'Or


Cala D'Or, Mallorca