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Villa Las Brisas 

Villa Las Brisas 

The project of Las Brisas was one that lay close to the heart of G4Deco Mallorca, being a property that the team had revisited almost twenty years later. Here, a complete restyle was outlined for the property, taking the home on an evolving journey of design.

Artisanal crafts

The engineering of Las Brisas was a priority for the project given that the property was obsolete. The new interior design was orientated towards creating a modern home that radiated light and exuded spaciousness, with a strong focus on incorporating original and reformed elements into the house.

Many of the interior elements were designed and produced specially for the project, using a selection of local artisans to undertake the task. Artisanal crafts have infused the space with a true sense of artistry, requiring patience and skill, such as in the chairs and tables which have added a distinct touch to the interior design.

The work of a creative mind and the materialisation of its vision, has complemented the space with an unmistakable authenticity and originality, unconstrained by the boundaries of different interior design styles.

Through embodying the intrinsic qualities of local production, a synchrony between the designers and artisans was strengthened,
where both understood the vision of the other.

Existing elements were carefully reformed, breathing new life into individual curated pieces. Their integration has followed a sustainable approach, where a concern for the environment became a central focus to the interior design. The armchairs were beautifully upholstered, adding character and originality to the home. In addition, the beams have been reformed and recovered, in a process that has provided a special warmth to Las Brisas. In its exterior, its existing pool has also been reformed, with its new interior adding a touch of luxuriousness.

Small details at Villa Las Brisas

Individuality was a recurring theme for the new interiors, where the designers sought to create an exclusive collection that was one of a kind. The design of each door handle was a particularly special adventure, where attention to detail has only enhanced the aesthetic of the home. Here, an everyday object has been redesigned to augment their sculptural and decorative elements – becoming a functional and impactful element. Its implementation has been an important feature of the interior design, where the beauty of small details has created a unique collection for the house.

The installation of a new glass panel has transformed the interior, illuminating the space with openness and light. The addition of a new ceiling has further enhanced the space, capturing luminescence from above with the careful addition of hanging lights.

A neutral colour palette was chosen for the interiors, with an injection of colour to accent the space. Its application has added depth to a warm and inviting environment, blending in exquisite combination to the ambience of the home.

Layering textiles was the key to creating a well-designed space, where complementing colours accentuate its aesthetic. 

The original architecture has been enhanced by the implementation of a contemporary design, to preserve the spirit of the home and adapting it to its modern needs and style. Elegant lines and attention to detail have achieved a perfect simplicity that contrasts in a visual journey of creativity. With an attentive passion to detail, Las Brisas has been injected with a luxuriousness quality of elegance.


Las Brisas


Port d'Andratx, Mallorca




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