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Mercado Gastronómico San Juan

Mercado Gastronómico San Juan

The project of Mercado Gastronómico San Juan was extraordinarily special, given the rich history of the existing building, S’Escorxador. Tasked with transforming the premises into a new gastronomical venue that was both warm and inviting, the project dedicated itself to a reform that brought new dimensions to the existing space.


S’Escorxador is a tribute to the architectural masterpiece of Gaspar Bennazar, who received the prize of fine arts in the category of architecture for the modernist building in 1906. Bennazar’s style was permeated with knowledge and an exquisite constructive taste, where simple materials were mastered to become the foundation of his work.

For this reason, a deep respect for the building lay omnipresent throughout the project, guiding its new design and reform. Here there was a focus on demonstrating that the coexistence of both old and new could be made possible through integrating new with existing elements.

Through a respect of S’Escorxador’s structure, new materials could seamlessly coexist together as one.

The project began with carefully cleaning the spaces, respecting the needs of the facilities and its existing materials. The structure of the beams and pillars were delicately maintained and restored, bringing new life to a building that has stood for over a thousand years.


True Splendor of the Mercado Gastronómico San Juan

The designs of the new market showcase the clean lines of the existing building which have been rescued to reveal its true splendour and perfectly synchronize with the rest of the space. The colour of the beams influenced the materials that were used throughout the project, being the guiding light of stealth and elegance in the interior design.

The new luminaire was specially designed for the space, offering light and warmth to the overall dining experience. New and original metal and wood lamps have been elegantly placed to apply character without distraction, living in perfect harmony within its setting.

The false hydraulic floor provides the foundation of Mercado Gastronómico San Juan, beautifully imitating the palatial floors of the 20th century.

The elegant balconies complement the venue with plants breathing new life into the venue.

The bar exudes a refined sophistication, with a considered choice of colours, curtains and furniture to elegantly enhance the space. The interior design of Mercado San Juan was the driving force for everything to flow in the transformation of S’Escorxador. The success of the project has been the creation of a warm and inviting gastronomical haven that seamlessly blends old into new – in a setting that people can truly enjoy.


Mercado Gastronómico San Juan


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