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Villa Son Vida

Villa Son Vida

Set in one of the most sought after locations in Mallorca is the exclusive residential area of Son Vida. Entrusted with the new interior design luxurious Villa Son Vida, the project was orientated towards the creation of a luxurious and elegant home that was defined by style, spaciousness and light.

Villa Son Vida, an unique location

Given the property’s elevated position and surrounding landscapes, there was a focus in the new interior design to enhance the villa’s connection with its natural elements. The living room and dining area feature several floor to ceiling windows, allowing for the villa’s inhabitants to experience stunning scenery and an abundance of natural light. With their striking aesthetic and versatile airflow control, the windows provide a feeling of freedom, peace and infinite space. Now, unobstructed panoramic views have brought a special meaning to every moment spent inside the home.

With the space being flooded by a wealth of natural light, a considered use of decoration and furnishings were implemented to showcase the large windows to its full potential, without distraction. The placement of furniture was carefully chosen as to not clutter the space and obstruct the views to outside. These have been intelligent interior design decisions that have allowed for the floor to ceiling windows to shine. Through this, the windows have been an important element of the property that has significantly guided the layout of the house.

Elegant furniture & crafted wood

Furniture and functionality worked together in the space planning phase of the interior design, where maximum usage was considered in its placement and arrangement. The selected pieces were chosen according to their scale and proportion, with rhythm and unity being employed by complementing items and their ability to harmonise with other spatial features.

For the best utilisation of space, the furniture was strategically placed to allow for free movement, working as a functional and circulatory element of the interior design. Elegant furniture was chosen for the home, including original upholstered armchairs and tables crafted of wood, achieving a classical aesthetic.

The furnishings have been incorporated in the interior design to establish a pleasing sense of order, with a consideration of their shape, form, colour and texture.

Shades of pink

A chaise lounge from the Messina Collection is a focal point of the living room, where its colour and well defined lines are given extra dimension by the addition of a handful of accessories in shades of pink. Although a neutral colour palette was chosen for the interior design, a softly stylish ambiance has been created by adding pink accents to the décor scheme.

Pink was chosen for its neutral properties and compatibility with other shades, reflect a soothing and timeless quality.

The study of colour has been an important element in the interior design of the villa in Son Vida, to create the desired psychological effect and a cohesion of the space. The result of the project is a home that is truly sophisticated in style and one that boasts ample space, light and serenity.


Villa Son Vida


Son Vida, Palma de Mallorca